Maggie’s Toast

Tell us what’s been burning your toast!

One Size Fits No One

Miley Malfoy…Draco Cyrus?

Tiny Pockets

Tiny useless little half pockets…what are they good for?!

Sad Movies

Why do people like movies that make them cry?

Blizzard Driving

The Line People

Why is it that the second a new checkout line opens, everyone in the existing lines turn into competitive animals?

Windshields. They’re the worst.

I was driving to work this morning and I couldn’t get my windshield to defrost, so I decided to use my windshield washer fluid…and it backfired.

Christmas lights. They’re impossible.

Every year its the same process. Unpack and UNTANGLE the¬†Christmas¬†lights. I wrap them up as neatly as possible at the end of each season but they still get so tangled. It’s probably my least favorite part of the season.

#noonecares #yourenotfunny #thisispointless #irrelevent

Why do people feel the need to hashtag absolutely every word of their twitter and instagram posts? Are people really searching for the word “fun?”

Toats Not Adorbs

Why do people feel the need to abbreviate words that don’t need abbreviating? And why do they always have to be adorable sounding?

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